Markus Mehta & Stephan Riedel - Obsessions


Release: 05.01.07

Markus Mehta & Stephan Riedel – Both born and raised in Munich, the two full-hearted DJs, producers and promoters who have released a string of very well-received records on labels such as Exun, Circle, Tuning Spork, Sector 616/Black Nation, Metaphor and Hadshot Haheizar, both seem to crank up another gear when they get together in the studio. With their eclectically deep and extremely pure sense of rhythm and melody, their sound managed to capture the attention of the world’s DJ elite which supports every single release that leaves Mehta and Riedel’s studio. The two were the first to release on the newly founded imprint Circle records back in 2004, and so it makes a lot of sense it’s those two again setting off the sister imprint Circle Digital. The idea behind this new, web-based netlabel: to actually offer new faces and less established artists an outlet that will help to grow their reputation. Highly acclaimed yet very humble and down-to-earth – this attitude seems to be the core of “Obsessions” that captures with classic house debaucheries, subtle sound modulations and some fine floor references that simply make you move.

1: “Obsessions” Punching, crunchy beats and hihats and a driving synthline set the pace of this moving club burner that fascinates with its strangely chopped and filtered vocal samples. A typical Markus Mehta/Stephan Riedel synth chord wipes away the last resistance.

2: “Obsessions” (Stryke´s Miami To Munich With Love Remix). The radical rework of Mister Stryke turns the epic original in a tight and sassy party burner that, with crisp beats and melodic, delayed keys strikes a chord with those you like it dreamy but driving.

3: “Obsessions” (Kered vs. The Naboombu People Remix) Kered vs. The Naboombu People manage to get really obsessive by bedding a catchy vocal snippets in a fat acidelectrohousey bed that makes you move without thinking about it twice. This remix is also featured on Hernan Cattaneo´s Renaissance "Sequential" mix cd.

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