Alec Chizhik & Markus Mehta - Music feat. Roberto Q. Ingram (Markus Mehta’s Gimme The Loot Remix)

Loot Recordings

Release: 07.06.24

Welcome to a journey back to the future with a decade of Loot Recordings! As we celebrate their 10-year anniversary, they're thrilled to present "Loot Recordings: 10, Pt. 1," a unique remix project where label artists revisit and remix their own tracks. This results in a fresh take on some of their most beloved releases. The release features six tracks in total, including my remix of 'Music'.

The original version of 'Music' holds a special place in my heart, as it represents the collaborative spirit with some of my closest friends. In the new remix, I've infused higher energy and added some intriguing sound layers to create a prime-time dance floor vibe, while still preserving the core message: 'What is life without music?' As a passionate lover of house and techno, I'm excited to share this remix with you all and extend my warmest birthday wishes to Loot Recordings!

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