The Sound: V.1 mixed by Markus Mehta


Release: 16.12.16

Simply put, The Sound: V.1 is a continuous DJ mix that celebrates the music of Loot Recordings, but it’s so much more. It’s a mix that celebrates the two year anniversary of Loot Recordings. For this special occasion, we tapped our good friend and label mate Markus Mehta to do the honors and gave him the keys to the entire Loot Recordings catalog. The end result is his vision of a label catalog DJ mix that is 60 plus minutes of dance floor mayhem that swings from the deep, melodic sounds to the fist pumping techno rhythms. Imagine yourself on your favorite dance floor, lost in the music, carried away by the strobes and underneath the disco ball.

Based in Munich, Markus Mehta has been dedicated to dance music for more than a decade and is an ambassador for what he’s dubbed “electronic soul”. His original productions and remixes pay homage to the motherland of Detroit techno, but also features the quirkiness of Kraftwerk and spiritual sounds of India.

The mix features eleven cuts from the Loot Recordings discography, starting with the endless summer vibes of “Apartment Figueretas” by Alex van Ratingen which segues into the throbbing rhythm of the label’s first release, “Find My Way Back” by Kered. From there, things pick up steam with the blistering grooves of “Music” by Alec Chizhik & Markus Mehta, “Mirari” by Karasho and the robot funk of Machino’s remix of “Sober” by Charles Blossfeldt. Things continue to wind up with additional selections by Robin Fett and TRU., all ending with the deep thrills of Dana Ruh’s remix of “Apartment Figueretas” by Alex van Ratingen.

We hope you enjoy the first in a series of label mixes and perhaps discover a new sound from our catalog. Download. Stream. Take this mix with you on your next adventure. We invite you to celebrate and experience the sounds of Loot Recordings as told by Markus Mehta.

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