Back from Tokyo


I've just returned from a fantastic trip to Tokyo for a gig at the Amate-Raxi club.

Tokyo is my most favorite city in the world and the Japanese people & culture are very close to my heart, this is why I would like to use this note to inform you about a few things.

At the moment there are almost no foreigners in Tokyo. This worries the locals and makes them very sad.

Therefore I would like you to know that Tokyo is 100% intact & that there is no need to be afraid.

Although a lot of charitable support is reaching Japan from all over the world right now, I feel that the best way to help is to return to this amazing country itself.

Please help promote the return of tourism to Japan.

Thanks to Akihito and friends for showing me a wonderful time.


Markus Mehta

(You can find the live recoding of my set, some pictures and a video from Tokyo on this website in the respective categories.)