1/19 Podcast


My podcast series is back. This year I do not have a strict agenda or road map planned out and will instead post new mixes (live and studio) on a non regular basis.


I’ve been meaning to make a new mix for some time now but I had quite a hard time finding the right tracks and vibe this time around. I am currently changing up my sound a bit to keep things fresh and interesting.

Since a few months I am hunting for more melodic material, which still features cutting edge sounds and upfront (deep) energy. For me techno has always been about the future and what it might sound, so when looking for music to play out I tend to look for very new material that catches my imagination.

That said, I think my pursuit was fruitful in the end and I found a selection of monstrous tracks that make sense played together and tell a story. Hope you dig the mix.

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