4/4 Podcast & Spotify Playlist


By the time this post goes up the final podcast of 2018 has been out for almost two months. Time has been passing by so quickly and the work load never seems to slow down. I've been busy all winter in the studio cooking up new original material and this post didn't even come to mind. Sorry for that and please find all the good podcast stuff and accompanying Spotify playlist info below!

The 2018 podcast series consist of a total of four mixes that reflect the four seasons and their distinctive moods. Mix four was recorded live at World League @ The Lovelace Hotel, Munich 31.12.2018. My set time was from 11pm - 1 am, playing into the new year is always quite special! I chose "Promised Land" by Joe Smooth, a real house classic, to be my midnight track.

You can stream the set in its entirety here: Mixcloud

Instead of posting track lists with every mix, I decided to create a dedicated Spotify playlist featuring most of the tracks (a couple of the tracks aren't on Spotify) used in this year's podcast series. I see the playlist as kind of a diary of the year and I believe it can also help you discover music you might have not heard yet.

Find the playlist here: Spotify

Thanks and Happy New Year!!!