Your Mind EP - Out Now


New release Monday! Our "Your Mind" EP is finally out on Yellow Tail Records, incl. a beautiful Paul C & Paolo Martini remix.

Here's the full press release:

With “Your Mind” Alec Chizhik & Markus Mehta present their debut EP on Yellow Tail.

Since many years Chizhik & Mehta are releasing their refined brand of deep techno and house on a variety of renown labels. Numerous of their tracks became chart topping fan favorites. As such, 2013 sees Yellow Tail come calling for the revered duo’s sounds.

The title track “Your Mind” features a roughshod bass line running underneath blippy melodies, snappy techno percussion and a dark male vocal. It breaks melting to nothing but the hypnotizing Marimba lead pattern.

Rising Italian stars Paul C & Paolo Martini who caused quite a stir with their latest release on Cécille Numbers feature a more raw and untamed interpretation of “Your Mind”. Both lay down a restless, energetic arrangement that sounds infected by alien-vocal snippets and just teases with the main melody.

Closing out the EP is “Faith”. It has a firm and bouncy bottom end. The mysterious synths bring the funk, as the female vocal & FX percolate right at the soul of the track. It loops intense drums and clever percussion into a manic tapestry of mind-melting repetition.

Some DJ feedback:

MiniCoolBoyz: First 2 tracks are nice!
Joseph Capriati: Very cool release!
Sascha Braemer: Thank you, will try this!
Robert Owens: Paul C & Paolo Martini Remix is a cool track!
Gel Abril: Nice!
Brett Johnson: I like "Your Mind"!
Agent!: Nice Remix!
M.In: Cool Release!
Wehbba: Paul C & Paolo Martini Remix good as usual, nice EP!

SoundCloud Set: