Back from North America - Mix Uploaded


In November I went across the pond for my annual trip to North America. I played gigs in New York, Philadelphia & Montreal. My off-time was spent meeting old & new friends, having great food and exploring the cultural richness of the city that never sleeps.

The Philadelphia show was special as it was taking place at a (for that night) remodeled yoga school on the top floor of a building located in the city center. The event was produced by the Rizumu crew who is known for the coolest underground parties around town. The crew's modus operandi is finding the best music and presenting it on the best possible sound system to their loyal followers of music lovers. No VIP areas, no table service, no crazy lights. Just a big dark room packed with an energetic crowd, some red lights and a pumping system!

I got on at about 3am after the very talented Dakini9 from New York and played until the lights went on. For three hours the crowd followed me through the depths of my music library. I was able to play new as well as some classic tracks, deep slow burners and straight techno bombs. For me it's always the best feeling, when I know I can take the dance floor on a "journey".

Luckily I recorded my set and uploaded 60min. of it to my SoundCloud and Mixcloud pages. If you want, it's available for streaming as well as downloading. You can also find a few pictures in the Gallery section.


Markus Mehta - Live @ Rizumu in Philadelphia 17-11-2012 - SoundCloud

Markus Mehta - Live @ Rizumu in Philadelphia 17-11-2012 - mixcloud