Changing Places - Out Now


My new release together with Alec Chizhik "Changing Places" is out today on Takt Records.

Takt Records, the label of Frederic Berger (Kaiserdisco) and Andrea Engels is known for releasing great dance floor shakers. The label previously showcased music by Anil Chawla, Hermanez, Danny Serrano & Alex Tepper. Pretty good company if you ask me!

With "Changing Places" we tried matching deep and sweet melodies, soulful vocals and raw pulsing beats and bass into a funky three track EP.

Dj Feedback:

UNER – “Nice groove!! Love the Array mode, and the synth!

Christian Smith - "Nice solid tech house… Array will definitely get my support!"

Davide Squillace - "Change is a very good track for me. Can see this working well."

Stacey Pullen - "Cool and solid release from these guys. I like Array!!"

Nicole Moudaber - "Array is sounding great here!! Definitely gonna be giving this a spin! Thanks!"

Thomas Schumacher - "Array is the one for me on this release. Sounds great to me!"

Wally Lopez - "Array sounds amazing!!! Looking forward to playing this in my next set. Support."

Smokin Jo – “Some solid tunes here... will be testing these out at Space this weekend. Change my fav.”

Alan Fitzpatrick - "Groovy shit going on here! I think Places is my pick.

Danny Howells – “Array is sounding very large!! Could see this working anywhere... will try out for sure!”

Jon Rundell - "Feeling Array the most from the two, nice grooves overall though for sure."

Martin Eyerer - "Cool one from Markus and Alec! Will play Change in my radio show."

Marco Bailey - "Thanks a lot for sending these over! Nice tracks. I will be spinning Array."

Diesel (X-Press 2) - "Great ep from these guys. Will check out more of their stuff – big support!"

Mauro Picotto - "Array sounds nice. I think that’s the one for me, nice track."

Dosem - "Nice vibes on both of these! Places is my fave track to play I think."