Monolog - Out Now


Last Friday my Monolog release came out on the Circle Music label. The three-track EP also includes a bomb remix by Chube.Ka, who has been making a name for himself with his records on Intacto & Area Remote.

Here's some info about the music -

MONOLOG is a Detroit-Flavoured track, which builds in looped layers of deep melodic drama, up-right bass and a straight forward percussion arrangement.

Chube.ka's rework of MONOLOG features an irresistible techno groove. While concentrating of injecting as much energy as possible, the remix never loses sight of the track's key elements. Chube.Ka is morphing melodies and effects into one huge energetic explosion.

The second original DIALOG provides a deeper, more mystical approach. Taking the listener on a space travelers adventure into space. The mesmerizing sample construction and crisp, almost dry production style flesh out a mysteriously driving 4/4 beat.

Here's what a few DJs say about it -

Adam Beyer: "The remix from Chube.Ka is pumping!!! Gonna play!"

Ambivalent: "Dialog is my like here, sounds promising - will test it out. Thanks."

Ramon Tapia: "Very cool release from Markus!!! Chube.Ka's rework gets big support from me!!"

Slam: "3 moody techno trax from Markus - Dialog is my fav. - will spin thanx."

Stephan Bodzin: "Great stuff from Markus!! Monolog original will be getting plays from me!

Monika Kruse: "Dialog is super cool! Outstanding production, finally something different besides all this Beatport loop tech house."

Pig - (Pig&Dan): "Nice grooves on this ep Markus. The remix is perhaps my fav here. Good ep."

Karotte: "Chube.Ka Remix is sounding nice to me. Will try this one at Sonar."

Martin Eyerer: "Cool release by Markus and Circle rec! Will support for sure, Chube.Ka remix my fav."

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